10 cc’s stat!

So I can add ‘able to inject insulin’ to my list of talents. Peanut’s diabetes requires me to inject her twice a day, and she’s just adorable when it’s time for her injection. She’s not really happy to see me walk into a room these days, and she slinks around a bit while I prep her needle. But she’s such a sweetie that she sits down, takes her shot, and then runs around the room — actually, it’s more like prancing — jumping on everything, wagging her tail, then rolling over for petting. She’s an amazing little soul…

In the meantime, I’ve managed to get a few things done for work. Namely, write a bunch of articles, pitch my new book idea to my favorite publishers, sign up for Personal Pitch (it’s like speed dating, only you sit down with magazine editors for 5 minutes to sell article ideas), edit my friend’s novel, deliver those hundreds of signed books to the 4pm Wedding Salon…and today I saw myself quoted in Redbook. A lot. A few days ago, I shot a TV segment for Comcast 8’s ‘Real Life With Mary Amoroso’ and besides the purple eyeshadow the makeup artist put on me (purple? really?), it went really well. They told me to smile into the camera when I was introduced, and she introduced me about 5 times. So I know I looked odd just smiling into the camera so many times, and I had an Oprah moment. My hair kept getting in my face this time, just like it did during the Oprah shoot. So for the rest of the segment, I kept brushing my hair away. Wonder how that will turn out after edit.

And finally, there’s a chance I may be on a wedding show on Comedy Central. Stay tuned, because that will be FUN if it goes through. If there’s anything the wedding industry needs, it’s a sense of humor.

One more thing…J. plans amazing dates, and when Peanut was diagnosed, he came right over with coffee. He’s a really good guy….


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