Moving images…

Right now, I’m collecting my TV segment reel, recent clips, and my press kit — plus choosing just the right press photo — to send to NBC Digital, as I’m being considered for video segments on one of their sites. I absolutely love this idea and hope to see NBC on my Caller ID soon. So at this moment, my office is a mess with all of these clip files and copies of magazines where my articles appear…I need an intern. Functional, yes, but I love the administrative stuff as much as I love the writing.

Today is also Peanut’s weekly glucose test. With how beautifully she’s been acting, I’m not concerned this time. I know her numbers will still be a little high right now, but she’s on the mend. The medicine is working. I do wish, however, that I’d known about pet insurance. I’m writing some big checks. But she’s worth it.

And now for the really good stuff…Joe called yesterday afternoon to ask if I wanted to have dinner out on my deck. My first dinner with a guest I adore at my new patio table. Okay, so I probably should have wiped all the pollen off of it first, but I was in a mad rush with a business call from Casey Cooper right before he arrived. I don’t even think I got eyeliner on, either. Dinner was terrific, and then lots of Snuggle Time. He taught me some new vocabulary words (don’t ask) and I completely butchered a very good joke that only the great Bob Milan could tell well. Such inexpressible comfort of knowing that even if I butcher a joke, or forget the eyeliner, or serve dinner on a table dusted with pollen, it all adds up to the best. I have a Wish…that on some sunny day, I’ll be cuddled with Joe in my hammock (my first purchase in my new home 2 years ago). Some people have a Wish for a trip to Paris, or a cruise around the world, or a new car…I have a Wish to be next to Joe in my hammock. And for my phone to ring with a call from NBC 😉

But until that day in the hammock happens, I’m here picking contest winners for, pitching articles (Cari, where are you?!), answering questions on the BlissWedddings forum, and writing the new book in its new, changed format with a giant smile on my face. 11 days until Atlantic City. I’m lucky before I even get there…


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