The Woman’s Day issue that’s been sitting on my desk

I mentioned that I had some back issues of magazines to go through, so as I’m flipping through the June 20 issue of Woman’s Day…there’s my article! You’d think after thousands of articles in magazines, it would be a ‘how nice’ and a flip to the recipes section, but I flipped out today. It had been sitting there for days and days. Reminds me of a great piece of advice a friend shared a while ago….”everything you need is already there.” Or that was Lao Tzu. Or Wayne Dyer. Nah, I think it was Jill. Regardless, my article is out in the world right now and I imagine people in dentists’ offices reading it, nodding, and looking both ways before tearing it out. I have a vivid imagination.

So that’s the capper on an awesome, awesome day. Today’s highlight…going to Joe’s office to meet him for lunch. Now I work at home. By myself. I am my own receptionist, my own IT person, my own messenger. So when I take an elevator up to the floor that’s entirely his firm, and there’s a meeting going on in a conference room at a huge mahogany table, and a receptionist calls Joe to say that I’m there, and I meet his personal assistant, that’s a walk into another world for me. I felt like I had to whisper. 🙂 But everyone at his office is so very nice, and I can tell how highly they think of Joe. Very good to see. And it gave me a tickle to see my photo framed on his desk. I love that. Wonder if he looks at it like I look at his picture on my desk….

So we went out for lunch and then for iced coffees, stopped in at a suit store for him and a clothing store for me. I used to work at New Jersey Monthly in the same town where he works, way back in my college intern days, and I used to have lunch on a blanket on the green (a park-like area in the center of the business district). Who knew I’d be walking hand-in-hand with him there a few years later. 😉 I love walking down the street with him, looking up at those green eyes…I’d better stop now or I won’t get any work done today. If someone asked me for one word to describe him, it would be ‘dreamy.’ My friends — who have always had insta-nicknames for anyone I dated — have christened him the ‘Tall Drink of Water.’ A little objectifying, but I think it fits. Pure. Refreshing. You just have to sigh…

Great work day already — my profile and interview are up at LoveTo Know Weddings ( ) and it showcases my Bridal Gratitude Journal, which I love. We’ve set up the next monthly contest at, my editors at Gift Shop magazine love the article I delivered, and I landed a huge interview for my new book. I just wrote my speech for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Taste of the Towns dinner on Monday and booked a limo for our ride to the event. Plus it was a good mail day. Contracts, the news that my novel IT’S MY WEDDING TOO is selling like hotcakes in Thailand (what is THAT all about?), and my new blender and iron showed up from the home supply store. So it’s been a great day.

And thank you to all of you who have sent in notes of well wishes and advice about Peanut’s health. She’s doing much better today, and is chowing down on Joe’s spaghetti. Whew…that was a scary one, but all is well. I really appreciate those of you who took the time to write. Such kindness in this world…


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