The best salad ever

Joe brought over the makings for an amazing salad this weekend — spinach salad with fresh tomato and mozzarella, with fresh basil and a berry vinaigrette. As he was out cooking the steaks and then tearing up the basil, I thought ‘This is phenomenal.’ My oven has been broken for 2 months — for an Italian girl like myself, that’s torture not to be able to cook for my loved ones. So the new oven comes in on Wednesday, and I’ve blocked off Thursday as a full cooking day. Lasagna with alternate layers of sausage and ground beef. Shrimp with chipotle sauce and lime. Meatballs. Everything’s been ‘off’ for the past few weeks since I couldn’t cook for Joe and my family. Just two more days…

In the meantime, I finished “What’s your Bridal Style?” and started on “The Bride’s Diplomacy Guide,” worked on two contests for PashWeddings, did a few releases for a phenomenal wedding coordinator in Houston, and re-designed the graphics in my press kit. As I was searching for my Halloween Costume online, I chanced upon a fun placement of my books: I had no idea they were in that chain! My teams are doing an amazing job of placing the books. I’m very, very lucky that my publishers have supported my backlist titles for so long. Usually, you get a month of releases and then you’re yesterday’s news. But the houses with which I work are very motivated and very creative — perfect matches.

Tomorrow night is the wedding episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter. I *have* to see that!

Time for my Lean Cuisine lunch with a side of Joe’s salad. A perk of not having an oven: I’m down 10 pounds. No Toll House cookies. 😉 I’ll make one batch on Thusday, for Joe. A promise is a promise…


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