Concert under the stars

What an incredible night. The concert was amazing, and the stars were out overhead. This was my birthday gift to Joe, whose month and a half of birthday celebration culminated in this night out to a concert he originally thought he was going to miss due to a family vacation. So I’m thrilled to have gotten him the tickets, and doubly thrilled that the band was able to play. (They had a loss the day before, so I applaud their strength of character to play on). Every now and then, I’d sneak a glance over to see the look of happiness on Joe’s face, that flicker of recognition when the first few notes of a favorite song sounded. And on the ride home, with his face illuminated by the dashboard lights, his hand would move on to my hand or my leg, the most comfortable and warm gesture ever.

Today was blissful relaxation, the breather before our busy workweek. He has big things going on, and I’m swamped-busy with work, so a few hours by the pool, a great lunch at his place, that smile when I walk through the door. It’s these little things, the smile in the eyes, the amusement when my overloaded purse knocks over a glass on the coffee table. I know how to make an exit. 😉

This relationship, with all its levels of friendship within it, is such a gift. I woke up this morning, and just smiled…

Tonight I’m working on my first sculpture in a long time. I just had a yearning to do something creative in a get-your-hands-dirty kind of way, an entirely different set of muscles than writing. Right now, my brick of terra cotta looks like a brownie with wings, but it’s always the second sculpture that’s the keeper. This is bliss. My oven works, my hands are red from terra cotta…my opportunities for creativity and creation are back…


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