"It’s My Wedding Too" — the new version

As today’s thrilling surprise, I received a package from my publisher today — the newly-designed covers for my novel “It’s My Wedding Too.” You might remember that my novel featured a bride sticking her tongue out. (People had asked if that was me on the cover, but it’s neither my tongue nor my cleavage, so the answer is No.) I have no idea what inspired my publisher to change the cover, but it’s a brilliant idea and the illustration is adorable. They’re doing a full media blitz for it, and including a teaser chapter from my second novel “It’s Not My Wedding (But I’m in Charge)” — so my baby gets new life! In publishing, this re-wrapping means the book is considered ‘new,’ so it gets put back on the front tables (instead of hidden on the top shelf…ahem…;) I couldn’t be more thrilled, and as I was writing my editor to say a big thank you, the entire plot for my next novel unfolded as I was writing him. It was all right there, just needed an ‘unlocking.’ So hopefully I will be spending my winter writing about a post-wedding adventure in Hawaii. That’s all I’ll say for now…

I spent the rest of my day shopping for bridal shower gifts for my brother and his fiancee, looking through costume Web sites, cooking up a teriyaki pork loin and chicken legs with plum sauce and ginger, and researching NFL stats because I’m in Joe’s office’s Fantasy Football League. As a lifer football fan, I know my game. I’ve worn a SuperBowl Ring and a Hall of Fame ring, and I once rode in a limo with seven Hall of Famers. (My brother is very disappointed that I didn’t bring a few of them home to throw the ball around.) My family spent many years going to Giants games — our seats are in the end zone right under the scoreboard, so football season is particularly exciting for me. This is my first time in an FF league, and I’ve been warned that it’s all-consuming. But I do research for a living, I love the game, and it’s going to be fun to win this thing. My strategy: pick the players with the fun names. Like Pacman Jones. C’mon…tell me that’s not inspiring. 😉 Just kidding, guys. I have a science to my selections and I’ll update you throughout the season.

Doorbell just rang — the UPS man arrived with a shipment of cookie and brownie samples. For our Halloween party….back in a sec…

Okay, these have just knocked my previous favorite cookie company down to a distant second place. Solomon’s Gourmet Cookies, www.solomonscookies.com, makes the most amazing chocolate mint brownie I have ever tasted….and chocolate raspberry…and a caramel bar. Someone take these away from me…they’re ridiculously good, and that’s just dangerous. Love ’em. Thanks for sending, Julie!

What a great day….


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