Some things make me shudder

I hear about a LOT of bad etiquette in wedding world, but this one takes the cake…

In an etiquette column, someone wrote in about a couple who added to the back of their program a note reading ‘in lieu of sending you thank you notes for your gifts, we’ll donate that money to charity.’ Have you fallen off your chair like I did?

I’m all for finding ways to have your wedding give back to charity, but not sending thank you notes is despicable. It’s the essence of greed, cloaked in an illusion that the couple are so benevolent as to donate to charity. So I applaud my colleague’s response in that column and hope you all will never even consider skipping the thank you note process. Expressing gratitude for all you have been given is a gift and a must. I’m going to keep the rest of my thoughts on this to myself, because if that dam bursts…

[My thanks to Jill in PA for bringing this column to my attention]


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