Our new house!

The ink isn’t 100% dry yet, but I’m an optimist and I trust all will be well. 🙂 Joe and I found THE most amazing house right here close to us, and after months of exploring crappy little huts with no room to stand on the top floor or kitchens that were 3 feet wide, it was like something out of a movie. We knew as we were driving through the neighborhood to see the house for the first time. You know when you’re ‘home.’ We adore the prior owner and could feel how much that house was loved by her and her family. It all just came together perfectly…there’s a bike trail right down the street, a nice big yard, big kitchen, and just the little painting jobs and minor remodels that we are so looking forward to doing. Of course, it has been strange to go from, “So what do you want to do tonight?” to “So what’s in your savings account?” but the full disclosure is easy when you trust each other so much. Sure, it’s a little scary, but I’m just thinking about how nice it’s going to be to have Thanksgiving in our place, to have our office with the cherrywood floor and blue paint we picked out, to have no noisy neighbors upstairs…
If and when we do get buyer’s remorse, as happens with everyone, we’ll only have to look around and see where we are to feel a lot better about that.

Today was one of those challenging ones. I took my Mom to the hospital for a procedure, and it was really tough to be back in that hospital environment. But the post-traumatic stuff is fading, so that works for me. When I went into recovery, my Mom was sitting there in her little hospital gown and she had just done her makeup, sipped on her coffee, looking positively radiant to be on her way home. On MY way home, I counted blessings…we’re all moving into a happy time, even if we have to walk through a scary cloud of what-if’s to get to it.


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