The fire inspector called…

Part of buying a new home is the inevitable chaos of trying to get all the little things arranged. For our new house, to make a loooong story short, we have to check into the fire codes about doors in the house and our stove range hood. I’ll spare you the details, but the issue in question means that I’ve had to call about 20 different departments and agencies to get two little questions answered. I keep believing that this cloud of chaos is temporary, that we’ll get through the aggravation of it all and emerge from moving day to have that Dunkin Donuts coffee on the stairs and feel a huge sense of happiness and relief. I’m channeling my anger over some pretty unfair dealings by paring down, getting rid of old files, filling up boxes with pre-packing things like all my handbags and my winter shoes and jackets…just to feel like I have some sense of progress going on. I ordered my new letterhead and just found out that I can take my phone number with me (yay!). I understand that it’s natural and expected to have swings from panic to elation when you’re buying a new home, and we are through the worst of it…so here’s hoping that the next few weeks bring us all easy solutions and one-phone-call answers. I’m an optimist. This new house is a blessing, and a wise philosopher said, “Don’t confuse your blessings with your burdens.” Sure, it’ll take a platter of nachos or a Haagen Dazs bar to quell the crappy stuff sometimes, but it’s going to be an amazing, positive change in our lives. We just have to get there…


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