Weekend of celebrations

From congratulatory phone calls to our family’s tradition of going to the town Memorial Day parade to getting our bedroom set (!!!) and my birthday, this was a weekend of celebrations. The ice cream cake — a wonderful themed one chosen by Joe as a part of *the* most fun birthday ever — has a nice big dent out of it, and the fridge is full of yummy leftovers. It’s a busy week ahead with a dozen or so prepping-for-the-house phone calls and trying to get all my June work done so that I can take time off for move-in, so tonight is a second-wind session of chipping away at that To-Do list. Joe and I spent most of the day at the pool, and it was *hot* out there, so I have a nice iced coffee in hand for a boost over the sun fatigue. I won’t be able to sleep tonight until I have a few of these important deadlines hit, so I’m ready for a marathon session. It’s a Zen state to get lost in work. Makes the worries of the week go away, like my Dad’s upcoming eye surgery. With the hum of the computer and a stack of fresh, clean pieces of paper, it’s a particular bliss that only a writer or artist understands.


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