On Faith Hope and Fiction

The lovely and inspiring Tricia Crisafulli has posted an interview with me on her site FaithHopeandFiction.com ( http://www.faithhopeandfiction.com/documents/sharonnaylor.pdf) and it was a welcome re-visit to the topic of wedding vow renewals and the meaning behind my book Renewing Your Wedding Vows. A couple has to renew their vows in word and deed in this fast-paced world where we all have big To-Do lists and other things clamoring for our attention…otherwise the cherished partner can feel like an appliance or some taken-for-granted, almost invisible entity in the house. Just like when we get a reminder to take our vitamins, our busy brains register that there’s something essential and good for you that has to be done. So consider showing gratitude to your partner as a kind of vitamin supplement to your relationship — and if you want to renew your vows officially, I have just the book for you!

Today was a great day spent with Joe — breakfast, followed by a new-house shopping trip for our sheets that turned into a ‘we need a cart!’ slightly larger shopping spree (we found gorgeous lamps!), then lunch and — out of the blue — one of those knee-weakening kisses. I get flutters in my stomach just thinking about it. Sigh…so I wobbled my way out of there to give him time to work, and right now I’m pulling out all of our engagement cards to read the fantastic and loving excited messages from friends and family. I have a pretty hatbox where I keep all of my priceless correspondence from friends and wonderful letters from editors and readers, so I’ll soon look with Joe for a keepsake box in which we’ll keep all of our engagement and wedding cards. I guess it’s like remembering to take that vitamin…the good stuff is there; you just have to remember to pay attention to it.


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