iVillage Weddings Etiquette Expert

That would be me. I’ve just started as the iVillage Weddings Etiquette Expert, where I’ll answer all of your etiquette questions on their message board. So visit my Q&A section at http://weddings.ivillage.com/messageboards [it’s Ask the Etiquette Expert], and I’ll help you wade through all those confusing Old World vs. New World Etiquette issues. What’s up with And Guests? How do you tell a guest (again) that she can’t bring the kids to the reception? How do you word the invitation when your parents aren’t paying for the wedding, but you want to honor them in some way? When do you send Save the Dates? Who gets invited to the rehearsal dinner? Where do the rules stop and your rules start? I’m here to help, so post your questions to me as you need me.


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