Fall meets winter

We woke up this morning to a beautiful snowfall…with brightly-colored autumn leaves on the trees. Winter’s in a rush to get here, isn’t it? So as I’m priming the shelves of our office bookcases, I’m looking out the window to a gorgeous show outside. Big fluffy snowflakes drifting past orange trees…far better than usual gray of a snowfall that turns everything into a black-and-white movie. Today’s a busy day as I bounce back and forth between joyous priming and optimistic pitching of my new book series. Even my errands will be dual-natured as I run to the post office with press kits and then to the lumber yard for moulding. It’s such a thrill to have the office crest the top peak of a rollercoaster ride and now start zipping into a speedy ride after that long, slogging climb. The pieces are coming together, with Joe and my Dad teaming up on expert carpentry work, while I slip into the narrow storage closet to paint the interior, ready the shelves, and do a little happy dance in my paint-spotted socks because I can *see* this room the way it’s going to be. I mentioned to Joe that it looks like the tea room at a five-star Caribbean resort, with bright blue walls set off by pristine white moulding and shelves. When that protective paper comes up off the hardwood floor, I may have to sit down and catch my breath a little….

We’re moving into the next ‘season’ of our office renovation…


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