Everyone’s dreaming about the wedding

It’s such a funny thing that my Matron of Honor and my bridesmaid have both e-mailed to say they’ve had some weird dreams about the wedding. And both Joe and I have had some dreams about it as well. After all, it’s such a pervasive part of our worlds right now, so why wouldn’t we process is through the imagery and symbolism of dreams? What’s been in these dreams? An overseas destination, the previous carpet at my parents’ house, religious images, no food, no lights…nothing that makes much sense. But the mind is an amazing thing, and I know I’m looking forward to more wedding dreams as our big day approaches.

Speaking of the big day, I had my second gown fitting today, and the dress looks amazing. I asked for a little extra room in the ribs so that I can breathe a little easier, and my mom and I found the *perfect* necklace to go with it. The girls in the dress shop are going gaga over the silver sparkly shoes that Joe gave me as my wedding gift (isn’t my man awesome?!), and the gown designer said she’s been telling her brides about my shoes. Looks like we may have started a little trend!


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