Have you written Praise Letters?

Imagine hearing from your boss that a client was SO happy with your work that they took the time to write in to the company, singing your praises. That would do SO much for your job security and your esteem in the boss’s eyes. You might get a raise or a promotion because you reflect so well on the company.

That’s exactly what I’m proposing you do for your wedding vendors’ staff, assistants, and the vendors themselves. It only takes a few minutes to write up a note saying, “Sheila did such a wonderful job with our wedding decor — she really created exactly what we had in mind, and we’re so thrilled that we got to work with her. We’ll be sure to recommend her — and your company — to all of our engaged friends!” and e-mail it in to Sheila’s boss.

It’s a feel-good task, and since Sheila worked so hard on your behalf, it’s such a generous thing to write a Praise letter at any point during your planning stage or after the wedding.


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