Win stylish eco-friendly guest welcome bags!

It’s time for my newest contest! You can win 5 eco-friendly Envirosax bags for your stylish guest welcome bags! Justin Timberlake was recently spotted carrying his Envirosax bag, and now it’s your turn to WIN a collection of your own!

Here’s how to enter: just e-mail me at with your name and what you’re incorporating into your wedding to be a little friendlier to the earth. Are you supporting a 3rd world artisan co-op? Did you create a charitable registry? Did you use recycled paper for your invitations? Share your story with me, and you could win!

The winner gets to pick out his or her favorite design from Envirosax, and we’ll ship your 5 bags right to you, along with a copy of my newest book! Which newest book? YOU get to choose from my website.

The deadline for this contest is August 31st, and you only need to enter once. Tell your friends!


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