Something Blue: The New Pool Hues

Something Blue has long been a part of wedding lore, and now we’re seeing the blue stone — tourmaline and aquamarine, especially — quickly becoming the new hot hue for spring and summer wedding jewelry…for the bride, the bridesmaids and the moms!

Take a look at the above pieces, which I found on just to give you an example of what’s hot [not as an endorsement of Zales in particular, but hey, if you’re a Zales fan, go for it!]

While brides of past years didn’t look beyond the diamond necklace, or the pearl pendant, today’s style-chic bride is wearing the pool blue stone with her wedding gown, as her Something Blue. And if you have blue eyes, the effect is dazzling!

On a personal note, I’m thinking about the tourmaline earrings I saw on St. John during our second honeymoon, and I’m kicking myself for not buying them! My husband offered, but I said I’d think on it. Silly me! Those babies are long gone. So if blue is for you, don’t let a good one get away!

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