Celebrity-studded bachelorette parties!

It’s the new, hot trend in replacing the drunkfest bachelor and bachelorette parties: going to a fanfest convention, such as the hot ticket TwiTour Twilight convention. Yes, it’s Twilight, and all of our favorites will be there — Ashley Greene included. This event has been sold out for months, and imagine the excitement of everyone from your flowergirls to your junior bridesmaids, all the way up to the Moms who love their Twilight when you announce that this is going to be your pre-wedding celebration! Everyone gets to sit in on a Q&A session, you may get to have brunch with the stars, meet the director of the movie, and shop like crazy — money far better spent on Edward keepsakes than on shots of tequila!

I love these shows, for the creativity of the sets, the excited vibe in the showrooms, the chance to speak to artists and creators who are big in the news, and the thrill of getting to say, “I was there!” The same-old bachelorette party doesn’t give you this kind of fun and excitement for your entire group, young and old!

For your local tour dates and the Creation Entertainment lineup of upcoming tour dates, visit their website today and get your tickets now!


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