Budget-Saver: Use Locally-Grown Foods in Your Menu….But What Are They?

You see the advice everywhere in articles and books on how to save money on your wedding: use locally-grown, in-season foods in your wedding menu. Importing costs extra money, after all. But how do you find out what these foods are?

As I’m researching my newest book, I came across these fabulous resources for you! Check out the following to find lists of the local foods in your region, searchable by season:

NRDC.org, which is organized so beautifully! You just enter your state and the season, broken down by ‘early October’ and ‘late October’ and such, to really zero in on what’s in-season…as well as what’s in-season in states near you. A great resource that’s going to help you work so much better with your caterers!

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