Celebration Cakes taking shape!

We have some great pictures coming in from the world’s top cake designers and bakers for my new book, Celebration Cakes! It’s going to be an amazing collection of cake design inspiration and DIY guidance, complete with recipes and decor tips…and tons and tons of theme cake ideas!

I have fabulous cake masters sending in images, and I’m looking for *seasonal* and *holiday* cakes now! So if you have pro photos of your cakes, reach out to me at SLNaylor [at] optonline.net, and we’ll see if we can get you in the book!! I Tweet and blog about my contributors, so it’s mega-PR to be in this project!! I’m loyal to my contributors, so let’s see what you’ve got! If I drool a little over your pretty cake pictures, you’re in!

Write to me, and I’ll send you the list of cake images I still need!

Thanks so much!! And oh, cupcakes are in the book, too! And closeups of your awesome sugar paste and fondant cake decor accents!

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