Translation, please! Brilliant idea for your vows or toasts

Okay, I have something great for you!! Since we’re all about personalizing weddings over here at Sharon Naylor Wedding Books, how fabulous would it be if you were to translate your wedding vows and toasts into the language that your sweetie and his/her family speaks?

We’re a global society, and you may have wedding guests fly in from overseas….and they’d love it if they could understand your wedding vows. Imagine how much your sweetie’s parents and grandparents would love it if you proposed a toast to them in their native language?

Just go to and enter each phrase you’d like to include in your vows or toast, or print in your programs, or write in your thank-you notes!! It’s brilliant!

I just used it to respond to a fan letter, and I *love* this free site for how it let me respond so well. You’ll love it for your wedding plans!

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