Kelly wins the cameras!

My Kodak camera giveaway ended last week, and Kelly is the big winner!! Kelly and her fiance have had a rough year, and we just made their wedding a little bit brighter with their win of 10 free, bridal white, one-time-use cameras for their guest tables!

Here’s Kelly’s entry, and my response:

We’d love to win these cameras, since we have so many dreams about the pretty little elements of our day, from the flowers to the the decorating on the cake to the monograms on our favor cupcakes. We’ve had to cut out so many of the big things we wanted for our wedding, due to the fact that we both were laid off from our jobs a bunch of months ago, and we’re working not-fun little jobs to keep the bills paid. Our parents are helping as much as they can to help us make our wedding nice, but we’re really just not going to have the wedding we originally planned for when we first got engaged. But you know what? WE’RE STIL HAPPY! We know that what’s important is that we’re marrying each other, and all the big things are just nice things to have if we can have them. That’s why we’d really like to win these pretty cameras…I just fell in love with how pretty they are, and we know that our guests are going to have so much fun using them. They’ll capture the fun moments during the wedding that we miss, and in the end, we get pix that last so much longer than big floral centerpieces or a six tier cake!! We hope you’ll pick us! Thanks!!!

Comment by Kelly — July 15, 2010 @ 7:40 am

  • Congratulations to Kelly! You’ve won the 10 bridal white Kodak one-time-use cameras!

    It was extremely tough to pick just one winner, and I wish I could give cameras to so many of you! But Kelly’s the winner for *this* contest. And it won’t be the last!!

    I’ll have additional camera giveaways throughout the year!! And next week, I’m launching my Bachelorette Party camera giveaway!!

    Comment by sharonnaylor — July 28, 2010

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