New life for your wedding images on DVD

No matter who takes your wedding photos, you’re bound to have a lot of images on disk after the big day! And if you’re a wedding couple on a budget, maybe you weren’t able to hire a photographer, so you’re depending on the pix your friends and family take!

Now, your photos don’t have to live on disk, or risk being lost to damage [heartbreak!!!]. There’s a brand-new service run by Kodak that allows you to work with their design pros to turn your pix into amazing, professional-quality albums!

You might want them for you, or as gifts for your parents or grandparents. You might even want to surprise your new spouse with the album he or she didn’t think you could ever have. And some of that wedding gift money would be well-spent here!

Check out KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections here, and see the magic that you can work with your wedding images!

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