Top trends in rehearsal dinners

  When it comes to the rehearsal dinner, I’m often asked if you need to invite all out of town guests. That became a trend during the past couple of years, but now we’re back to just making it bridal party and people involved in the ceremony only…and guests understand! Inviting all OOT guests could make that a second wedding reception!

So here are some top trends:

* Go casual, with just a pizza party at your house, so that everyone can unwind and mingle freely…which is great if everyone traveled that day and don’t feel like dressing up to go out to a restaurant. My husband and I did this, and we spend only $100 to feed 40 people! If we’d gone to a restaurant, it would have been more like $500!

* Ask the hotel where you booked the guest rooms if you can have a discount on a rehearsal dinner held there. Many events managers are all too happy to get your business, so you can land a great price for your VIP crowd, then join the other guests in the hotel lounge later!

* Plan a cocktail party for the other OOT guests, so that they get something to eat and a few bottles of wine or some sangria to share. You’ll join them later for drinks and mingling. Start the rehearsal dinner early — like 5pm — and the guest cocktail party at 6:30 or so, and then they won’t have to wait long for you. Set out a few one-time-use cameras for these guests to use during their party! They’ll be taking their own shots with friends they haven’t seen in a while, but these cameras let them take shots for YOU so you don’t miss anything!!

* If you’re planning the wedding, let the groom’s family completely plan this party! We’re back to old-world tradition, with his side hosting the night-before party.

* Set one-time-use cameras on every guest table at the rehearsal dinner, so that your closest friends and family can get the really great pictures you want from this casual get-together where you’re not busy taking pro photos or cutting the cake and other planned big moments!! One time use cameras on guest tables at the wedding reception are fantastic, but you can also inexpensively and stylishly set out the pretty cameras from Kodak.



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