Kimberly wins the Bachelorette party camera!!

Congrats to Kimberly, the winner of my latest Bachelorette Party Camera giveaway! Kodak has just launched LOTS of fabulous, new designer cameras, and I’ve been holding contests all summer! Kimberly’s story stood out because I *love* the idea of going to New Orleans and supporting their local tourism — plus how much fun is it in Nawlins?! Kimberly, take lots of great photos while you’re there with your girls, and send them to us! We hope you have a fabulous time!!

Here’s Kimberly’s entry:

“My bachlorette party will take place in New Orleans. We’ll go to dinner, sip wine and paint at a local store, and spend the night at a hotel or somewhere. It’s not about getting drunk and wild it’s about enjoying your friends and celebrating.”

Comment by Kimberly

Now here’s the fun part! Everyone who entered the giveaway this time around is automatically entered in the next giveaway…which starts NOW! I’m picking a new winner on 10/1! Your stories are GREAT!

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