If I could register again…

It’s been 2 1/2 years since my wedding, and we did a fabulous job with our bridal registry. But if I could register again, as in go back in time and add some more stuff to our collection, here’s what I would add (and think about these categories for your one and only time registering!):

Tablecloths. We went with a neutral beige to suit our dining room table, and it’s still in play for my holiday tables. Ours came from www.bedbathandbeyond.com and is a stain-resistant brand, so it held up perfectly after a certain relative dropped some cranberry sauce and red wine on there. No stress here. I knew my tablecloth would wash out. But now I’m thinking more about color, wanting a green tablecloth for this Thanksgiving. Neutrals don’t have to be just beige, so add to your list some different neutrals such as browns and greens. And get the matching napkins for a classy, elegant look.

Sheet sets. We have three main sets (1 registered-for and 2 purchased), and all but one have kept their shape. If I could, I’d add two more sets to my bridal registry, including a cold-weather flannel set. Always think about all seasons when you’re registering.

Guest towels. When we have weekend guests, we like to give them their own, fresh towel sets. New ones. So we go out and buy them. If we had registered for an extra two sets of towels, we’d probably invite our far-away friends to stay more often.

A vaccum cleaner. Seriously. One of those Bissell babies with the allergy filter. It’s under $200, so it costs about the same as a cookware set. Not the most romantic thing to get a bride and groom, but definitely something the bridal party can go in on together, or that parents can give. Check out www.consumerreport.com to see their performance tests before you choose your vaccum, and don’t be swayed by infomercials or great commercials. You’ll be surprised at some of the test results!

Artwork. Again, seriously. We both had lovely prints from our separate apartment days, but it would have been a wonderful browse down the art aisles, and we could have had that great excitement of hanging up something new. Yes, your tastes are going to change over time. But think about mirrors as art, too, and you’ll have great, affordable items for your registry and a home that looks ultra-finished.

Baking sheets. I signed up for two, and over the course of two years, they’re pretty beaten up. We’ve already replaced one that got severely burned underneath a lasagna pan. (Now I know to wrap the pan in foil first!)

Entertaining plates. I can’t get enough of them. Little square white appetizer plates make the party perfect, and you can pop them back into their sectioned boxes after you wash them. I would have gotten dozens of these.

Juice glasses. I fell in love with the footed juice glasses at www.caneelbay.com where we honeymooned, and I want ’em.

Okay, what’s your must-register item that you added to your list and want to recommend to other brides and grooms? Share your suggestion in the comments here…

One thought on “If I could register again…

  1. Good advice, Sharon! We have to recommend our service, Zankyou.com, which allows couples to register for absolutely anything, anywhere! (And you can always change your mind or style, too.)


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