Prince William and Kate plan their wedding their way

So it’s going to be April 29th, not the June wedding that so many royal ‘inside sources’ predicted. Here’s what makes me so happy about this royal wedding: Kate & William are twisting every tradition you can think of.

If was widely reported that the Palace announces engagements in February. Kate & William step out with the ring in November.

The Palace traditionally plans all social functions, right down the flowers. William said, “Yeah, no thanks…Kate & I wish to plan our wedding.” That’s two.

Now, we hear that Kate’s parents will host an engagement party, which has never been done before and is totally against royal protocol. But it’s going to happen.

I love this! It shows that brides and grooms want to break with traditions and Must and rules, but with a good amount of diplomacy and respect. [I have a feeling Kate flipped through a few of my books while she was waiting! I wrote Your Wedding, Your Way for exactly this purpose — to take a tradition and make it work for your wedding wishes.

Most brides are in the same position as Kate…you know what you want, but if you’re depending upon the collaboration, support and financial help of the in-law family, it’s a delicate dance. I share the fancy footwork in my book for you, and Kate & William are making one inspiring decision after another to plan the wedding they want.

Want to learn how to say “We’d like it our way?” Check out my book here.


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