8 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids LOVE You!

Your bridesmaids were thrilled when you asked them to be in your bridal party. And now that there’s a pile of purchases for them to make, lots of wedding tasks to help with, and lots of work involved, all to make you happy, it’s time to make them happy, too!

Follow these 8 rules, and your bridesmaids are going to LOVE you.

1. Let them choose their own dress style. A bride who’s got more on top would rather wear a supportive bodice style than a strapless dress, and some may love their arms more than others, so when you say, “Pick your style” in a certain designer’s collection, your bridesmaids will LOVE you…and they’ll wear that dress again and again.

2. Invite them to submit their own dress ideas. Early in the process, invite your bridesmaids to e-mail you the URLs of the dresses they love, and you’ll then pick your top 3 styles for them to vote on. Giving them a say will make them so much happier than just getting a single image from you with a note to ‘buy this one!’

3. Contact them for non-wedding stuff. Don’t be all-wedding all the time. Call and e-mail them just to chat, catch up on their lives, and maintain your relationships the way you did before you got the ring. Brides who connect with their bridesmaids all throughout the process are LOVED.

4. Let them do their own hair and makeup. A simple low ponytail looks elegant and pretty on everyone, so why require your bridesmaids to spend $85 on an Up-Do and $60 on their pro-done makeup? Bridesmaids will LOVE you for letting them do their own looks.

5. Give them lots of time to get things done. If you’ll delegate any tasks or request information, payments and other things, don’t send them an e-mail telling them to get it done in 2 days. Give them a few weeks, and check in a week prior to deadline to give a gentle nudge if you have to.

6. Don’t micromanage. If your bridesmaids are working on DIY crafts, or if a bridesmaid is making your programs, be a good delegator and don’t check in every day to see how it’s going. If you’re not controlling, your bridemaids will LOVE you.

7. Send thank-you notes throughout the planning process. They’re not just for the end of the line. When your bridesmaids send in their sizes, send them a thank-you note. After the shower, send a thank-you note. If someone lets you vent, send a TY text. It’s such good manners, and bridesmaids LOVE it.

8. Get them this:

My new book Bridesmaid on a Budget is filled with tons of ways to help your bridesmaids save a fortune on everything they’ll need to buy or plan during their era in your bridal party. Aisle Dash, Bridal Guide, Destination I Do magazine — they all say this is a fabulous book for bridesmaids, and your bridesmaids will LOVE you for helping them save.


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