Get this book: “Planning Your Wedding Sucks!”


 I love my fellow wedding authors. We’re a close bunch here in wedding world…not competitive at all, because we share the same goal — helping you have a great wedding, without any BS or money-wasting. So when Elena Donovan Mauer (who I’ve long admired in her work as editor and fab magazine writer) told me about her new book, I had to get it. And I LOVE it.


Here’s my review that I posted to Amazon:


Elena Donovan Mauer and Joanne Kimes have written a fabulous guide in Planning Your Wedding Sucks! The #1 thing that brides need as they maneuver through all of the tricky spots in wedding planning – those etiquette minefields and temptations to ‘over-do it’ with their wedding elements – is a sense of humor. And Elena and Joanne deliver that perfect mix of essential advice and witty comments that keep the bride’s feet on the ground. All so that their wedding planning won’t suck…for them or for their grooms.


I absolutely love how they get right to the important message: wedding stress can hurt your relationship with the groom. So the tips in this book really do help the bride keep her perspective, and avoid planning mistakes that will surely lead to regret (and wasted money!) One of the most brilliant sections in this book – among the many! – is “10 Questions to Ask Before You DIY,” which will open a bride’s eyes about what’s realistic to take on, and what really should be entrusted to a wedding professional.


I found myself laughing through and loving this book…it’s such a breath of fresh air for any bride who wants to enjoy the wedding planning process. And it’s going to be really appreciated by everyone around the bride, who can also use the fabulous advice within these pages.


Get it here:, and on Amazon, and wherever books are sold!



And hey, great news: Elena’s promised to share those “10 Questions to Ask Before You DIY” here on my blog coming up soon!


~Sharon Naylor

Author of over 35 wedding books, including Your Wedding, Your Way and Bridesmaid on a Budget,

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