Brides has named Caneel Bay as one of the very best Caribbean resorts!

But, of course, you know Caneel is #1 to me! :]



 How many resorts are there in the Caribbean? Tons. How many amazing, gorgeous resorts with seven private beaches and spectacular snorkeling, romantic dining under the stars, gourmet dining, adventure sports, festive sunset cruises, massages overlooking the ocean, and staff so friendly you wish they could be your relatives? One. That’s Caneel Bay.

Take a look and you’ll see just a few of the reasons why Brides has chosen Caneel for their Top 5 — and why I pick St. John’s Caneel Bay as the #1 Caribbean resort that makes all the others fade in comparison…

 You have to see more of this protected natural wonderland on the island of St. John! Visit to view their slide show and video, and check out what their devoted fans (like me) have to say on their Facebook page.

Brides isn’t kidding when they chose Caneel Bay as the best of the best in the Caribbean. The relaxed environment, the privacy on the beaches, the massages, the calming yoga classes at their award-winning wellness Self Centre, the colors, the sights, the fun excursions into nearby Cruz Bay for spectacular shopping, the rum punches and a little drink called the BBC that will make you swoon…it’s nice to know a place like this still exists in the world, and it’s even nicer to get the royal treatment at Caneel.

Check it out. You’ll love it.


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