Win 5 Kodak Cameras for Your Wedding!

It’s giveaway time again! Sarabina and Kaitlin won cameras and books the last few contests, and now I’m loading up the giveaway truck again with this week’s newest freebies!

You can win 5 pretty blue floral Kodak cameras and a signed copy of my book Bridesmaid on a Budget, PLUS a copy of my book Wedding Flowers, which is filled with hundreds of ideas on floral decor, flower meanings and all kinds of fun stuff.

Just leave a comment here, telling us your favorite plan for your wedding florals — will you use your birthmonth flower? The same type of flowers as the first your groom ever gave you? — by 3/15/11, and I’ll pick a winner from all entries!

Good luck! (And take a look at the Kodak wedding one-time-use cameras on the Kodak site…the winner may be able to trade out the 5 blue floral to 5 red and pink floral if so desired…we’ll talk 🙂

20 thoughts on “Win 5 Kodak Cameras for Your Wedding!

  1. I plan on having peonies for my wedding. I just love peonies! They are soo beautiful & elegant. If I can’t get peonies, my next choice are cabbage roses mixed with dahilas. My heart is beating real fast just thinking about. LOL!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!


  2. My flower girls all have flower names (!), so the very first wedding detail I had planned and the one I am still the most excited about is having Iris carry irises, Lily will have lilies, and little one-year-old Kira Rose will have roses, as they make their way down the aisle in their tutus. My own bouquet will feature all three types of flowers as a toast to how important all three little girls are in my life!


  3. We are using green cymbidium orchids and mini white callalilies, a perfect complement to the navy bridesmaid dresses and dark grey suits the guys will be wearing. Green has been my favorite color since childhood and I was sad because we were not planning to use green as a wedding color. However, when the idea came up for the lime green cymbidiums, my heart jumped. It was the perfect pairing for our September outdoor wedding!


  4. For my wedding we are using Gerber Daisy’s in red, orange, and yellow! It is a sharp contrast to the Kelly Green Dresses! The flower girl is going to be handing some to the people in the pews as she walks down, the men will were one in the jacket, and they are the top of my wedding. My mother always had them around the house growing up and it just seems to bring a little of my past to my futer!


  5. We will be using WildFlowers for our wedding. Inspiration for wildflowers is something we discussed early on. Wildflowers have many characteristics and consist of different types of colors and varieties. There is not just one color they are all different; unique and beautiful.
    We chose these because we are an interracial couple. Like Wildflowers our families are not of one color but our love is unique and beautiful much like wildflowers 🙂


  6. I’m using pussywillows. I love the grey color and unique look. I’m also going to be adding in some green and purple and white in there, but I’m most excited about the pussywillows. Since I’m getting married in the fall and they’re a spring flower in VT, i’m buying a bunch when they’re in season and drying them. I’m thinking of using some hairspray to make sure that the pussywillows don’t fall apart after they’re dried.


  7. Orchids are my FAVORITE flower – I have a 2 foot long orchid tattoo and my fiance gave me an orchid plant when he proposed…I can’t wait to use orchids as much as possible throughout the wedding!


  8. Growing up in Texas, it’s a tradition to take family pictures in a field of bluebonnets. But since Bluebonnets are actually protected by state law, for our wedding we’re going to use an assortment of other Texas Wildflowers. I’m most excited about using Indian Blankets — bright orange with yellow tips — and also the purpley-blue Texas Blue Bells.


  9. I will be using Spiderwort! They are native to Indiana (where my fiance and I live), and they are are a beautiful purple that goes perfectly with our color scheme of violet, silver, and greens.


  10. I am so excited to be mixing real flowers and felt flowers made by the talented Princes Lasertron! All of the fresh flowers will be white or green, then the felt flowers the same but adding a little black to those. It will be so pretty and so much fun!


  11. I am having a Sunday afternoon wedding so I choose bright magents and plum florals to make our venur POP! I am excited to see everyones reaction to our colors, we are counting on the flors to ultimately set the tone for our entire wedding. Sure, its Sunday morning – doesnt mean you can have fun! And hopefully the Kodak camers will help capture those fun moments 🙂


  12. I have always loved sunflowers so they are going to be a major part of our floral decorations. I am actually making felt and vintage button bouquets for my bridal party though.


  13. My wedding will take place in the winter, so my fiancé and I are planning on using blue and white in our color scheme. I’m not sure what flowers are blue, but we will def. use white roses and possibly some pinecones in our florals.


  14. Having never had a “favorite” flower, I was a bit stumped when I began considering which flowers I would have in our 11/11/11 wedding. After meeting with a few consultants, I decided on having my bridesmaids carry terracotta gladioluses (because it reminded me of my great-aunt Gladys who took care of my siblings in I when we were young, not to mention a beautiful flower). And since our special day falls on Veterans Day, I did a little research and found the the poppy flower is the official flower for Veterans Day. So along with a white calla lily, white gardenias, ivory roses, lisianthuses, and hypericum berries (I love the look of berries) I will also have the poppy flower in my bouquet as a tribute to those who will be so rightfully celebrated on that day, our wedding day, 11/11/11!!!!!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    -Michelle, Kevin’s Bride


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