Creating an Extra-Special Wedding Photo Album

After your wedding, all of your friends and family will send you links to the photos they took at your wedding, and you’ll have all the prints and disks of your guest table cameras, too. No one wants to see those pretty pix stuffed into shoeboxes and hidden in your closet…especially if you have photos in that collection of a very dear relative or friend who’s no longer with you.

A few months after my wedding, my Dad’s brave battle against cancer ended, and he was at peace. He’d been so sick for so long, so gray and tired at my rehearsal dinner, that I wondered if he’d make it to our wedding at all. But on the big day, there he was looking healthier and strong, eating, dancing, laughing with relatives, walking me down the aisle and kinda holding me together. It was the greatest of gifts.

And when my husband and I created our pro photo album, we had an image or two of me with my Dad included in our 48 shots…but I saw that within the photos from our guests and table camera shots, we had great pictures of my Dad from the last great day of his life. [I’m not kidding…it was a fast downward spiral after that…he fought and held on to make it to our wedding. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that.]

So when I heard about KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections’ innovative program where you send in your own digital images, and their designers lay out an album for you, I knew we had to have one of those. Now, you know that I’m Kodak’s wedding spokesperson — that’s why I have all these cameras I’ve been giving away — but I’m really impressed with how the album came together so easily and quickly, in great materials, giving me a great collection of gorgeous images of me and my Dad within other wedding photos that we received from our friends.

Here’s a look at what I saw when the album layout proof came to me…

Find out more about KODAK PROFESSIONAL Collections album-creation, and know that it’s never too late to give those extra photos a pretty and protected home!

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