One-time-use cameras are back!

…And they’re prettier than ever! Just look at these gorgeous, floral one-time-use cameras from Kodak:

One-time-use cameras came soaring back into style when brides and grooms discovered they could be so much more than a single table-topping ‘toy’ that guests half-heartedly used because they weren’t inspired! Now, you can place a tented card with your tabletop camera, asking guests to take photos of “Things we don’t want to miss, like how much you love the cake, and your fabulous turn on the dance floor…” When you give guidance, you don’t get 500 photos of the same first-dance shot your pro photographer captured.

Kids at the reception also love to play with the cameras, so give each child his or her own one-time-use camera as a take-home ‘toy’ they can play with all night. At my wedding, the kids tooks *great* shots, and I was happy to have the cameras back, so consider what you’d like to do with the one-camera-per-kiddie-place-setting plan.

I also love to use these at the engagement party, at bridal showers, while the bride and her mom are shopping for dresses [taking photos of the bride in her dresses keeps the images safer from the groom’s eyes — even accidentally — than if the photos were on a digital camera!] And speaking of safer photos, these Kodak cameras can come with you to the bachelorette party! Check out the cute, teal bachelorette party camera above!

Pop a camera into out-of-town guests welcome baskets, so that they can take fun photos of themselves during the wedding weekend. Give out swag bags at the bachelorette party, and include a one-time-use camera for each of your girls’ fun use. Choose a different color of floral one-time-use Kodak camera for the tables at the morning-after breakfast.

There’s no such thing as too many photos, and inexpensive one-time-use cameras give you tons of options from different points of view…letting you see so much of the ‘gold’ from your wedding celebrations. And they add a pop of pretty color to your table decor, coordinating with your centerpiece florals or candles.

How will you use your one-time-use cameras? Share your story here! On 4/15/11, I’ll pick one winner to get a Kodak teal bachelorette party camera shown here!

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