5 Top Bridesmaid Budget Mistakes

Bridesmaids spend a lot each time they walk in a bridal party — according to www.theweddingreport.com, the national average is over $1,000. Which we all know takes a huge chunk out of your bill-paying cash and spending money. So if you’re a bridesmaid right now, or expecting to be one soon, keep these top money-mistakes in mind:

1. Not speaking up when the other bridesmaids pick a too-expensive dress. Don’t just say No…provide them with a few URLs of equally-pretty dresses that work on a lower price point.

2. Trying too hard to compete and impress. Throwing a bridal shower that rivals a wedding is just silly. What’s happening now in wedding world is that people are raising their eyebrows at bridal showers and weddings that are over-the-top. Throw a more modest bridal shower, and let the wedding shine.

3. Not being organized. If you lose that email or receipt that says you paid your deposit for your dress, you won’t have proof of payment when the gown shop says you never paid. So keep a good record system (I like Microsoft’s OneNote for projects, and scan my receipts right in there.) Being organized will always save you money.

4. Being slow. If you drag your feet when it comes to ordering your dress, you’re going to pay pricy rush fees. So get right on each task, and you’ll save.

5. Not using coupon codes. Why would you not save 30% and get free shipping when ordering your dress, shoes and other items online? Visit www.retailmenot.com and other coupon code sites to cash in on big savings. And share the news with the other bridesmaids, so that you’re all soon looking out for each other, sharing coupon codes and shop sale FYIs.

For lots of ways to save, pick up my book Bridesmaid on a Budget at Amazon, BN.com or through my site www.sharonnaylor.net/books.htm


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