Luscious Lime Palette & Ways to Use Eco-Smart Limes in Your Wedding Plans

Printable Lime Bridal Shower Invitation

All things citrus have added a beautiful, zesty zing to spring and summer weddings, and I found a fabulous Etsy collection of cute, affordable, lime-inspired wedding decor. Check out the Etsy collection of Brenda from @WeddingGirl on Etsy and @weddingsites on Twitter. The design above can be found here:

Lime Drink Card - (Print At Home)

Lime Place Cards (print at home)

Lime Advice Cards (print at home)

This one is so cute for bridal showers! Just string them along, and ask guests to clip on their marriage advice cards, recipe cards, favorite memories of the bride and groom, and more!

And don’t forget that decorating with fresh limes ranges from the following all-natural, eco-wedding design ideas:

* Filling a tall glass vase with flawless fresh limes at the center of each guest table

* Adding 4 or 5 fresh limes to smaller glass vases that become take-home favors at showers or weddings

* Popping a few fresh limes into traditional floral centerpiece arrangements

* Filling a tall glass vase with water and submerging whole or sliced limes for a lush green effect

* Piling limes on a platter and dotting with sprigs of lily of the valley or other white flowers

* Dotting piled-high limes with light green flowers, stock or green leaves

* Floating lime slices in a wide, low-set vase along with floating white, yellow or vibrant orange flowers

* Using fresh limes as placecard holders. Slice off a very thin layer on the bottom so that the lime sits securely without rolling. Make a knife slice across the top of the lime, and slide in laminated place cards featuring guests’ names and table numbers

* Use little faux limes from the craft store as stick-ins to your floral arrangements

* Little glass vases filled with limes make great bistro table decor for your cocktail party

* Serve pitchers of ice water filled with slices of fresh limes, or float lime slices on your punch

* Use lime slices as garnishes on lime-recipe cocktails

* Decorate cakes and cupcakes with sugared, candied lime slices

Tell me about your lime-inspired decor, desserts and drinks, and you could win a copy of my newest book:

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