Drinks with the BrokeAss Bride at the Beverly Hilton!

My West Coast book tour was star-studded…and even though we missed the cast of Glee at our hotel — yeah, we’re observant!! — I couldn’t have been in better company on the last night of our trip than getting together with the Broke-Ass Bride Dana LaRue. Dana’s always been such a great friend in the wedding industry that she was my first call when I found out we’d be rocking L.A.. Since the pool and Trader Vic’s were closed for a private party (keep this in mind!) we grabbed a couch in the lounge and chatted over drinks. Joe & I threw our to-the-minute itinerary out the window since we were having such a delightful time with Dana, and it was worth the mad dash to our next event.

Now here’s what we missed going on literally all around us: The Thirst Project was having a big gala right there at our hotel — and the pool — so the place was crawling with stars from Glee, and other hot shows. We even heard there were some Twilight peeps hanging out by the pool. Missed ’em…but didn’t mind.

UPDATE 12/17/13: Dana’s new book is out now, and I’m sure our next stop for drinks and hummus will be East Coast! Can’t wait!

Dana (Broke-Ass Bride) and myself at the Beverly Hilton


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