It’s the Bridesmaids Twitter Party With Bridal Guide!

Tomorrow’s my big Bridesmaids Twitter Party with Bridal Guide (@bridalguidemag)! I’m answering bridesmaids’ and brides’ questions and giving away phenomenal prizes like a $50 gift card to Michaels Crafts, five Kodak one-time-use cameras, 24 copies of the Bridesmaids DVD, jewelry from and signed copies of my books Bridesmaid on a Budget and The Smart Guide to Bachelorette Parties! Join us at 2pm EST for an hour of advice, answers, amazing swag and more! [See the Official Rules in the Comments section below!]

Oh, and here’s a little free look into Bridesmaid on a Budget! Check out these stats!

Bridesmaid Market Overview, from In 2009, bridesmaids will spend an estimated $9.61 billion. Results from our recent bridesmaid study concluded there are an average 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding accounting for an estimated 9.53 million bridesmaids spending $9.61 billion. A single bridesmaid will spend $1,069-$1,269 on dress to travel.

Here’s the Breakdown of national averages spent by bridesmaids:

Bachelorette Party Expenses $152

Bridal Shower Gift $72

Bridal Shower Plans $60 to $200 per bridesmaid

Bridesmaid Accessories $52

Bridesmaid Dress $178

Bridesmaid Dress Alterations $56

Shoes $49

Hair Styling $65

Manicure (plus tips) $32

Pedicure $30

Outfit for Rehearsal Dinner $71

Plane Fare $303

Hotel (per night) $140

Rental Car (per day) $88

Wedding Gift from Bridesmaid $117

And these are the national average figures, combining the sky-high prices of the Northeast with the more moderate prices of the South and the MidWest. If you’re a southern woman, you might look at that $32 for a manicure figure and laugh in disbelief. If you’re a New York City or Boston woman, $32 might get you very, very excited and Googling to see where you can get a manicure for that low price.

No matter how the individual expenses stack up per category, you’re looking at a cash outlay of about $1,000. More or less. And in this economy, with where you are in life – maybe just graduating college or still in school and eating Ramen noodles, recently married and buying your own first home, struggling to make ends meet in a frustrating and low-paying job that drives you crazy but you’d still hate to get laid off anytime soon – that’s a lot of money to devote to anything.

“$1,000? That’s two rent payments,” says one bridesmaid, whose bliss bubble has burst after a week of being named to a bridal party. “It’s going to be tough to come up with that kind of cash.”

“My boyfriend is already paying most of the bills in our apartment,” says another bridesmaid. “He knows I’ve said Yes to being in the bridal party, but I’m already anxious about each check I’m going to have to write for my friend’s wedding.” And then there’s, “There goes my ski trip!”

But of course, there’s also this: “I know it’s going to cost a lot, but the bride is so very important to me, and this is just a short time of stretching my dollars. So whatever she wants, I’ll find a way.” Kinda want to smack this last one, don’t you? That’s the kind of breezy attitude tossed around by bridesmaids who aren’t living paycheck to paycheck, who have plenty of room on their credit cards, or who have parents who hand out cash like candy on Halloween.

But the truth is, we all have that belief deep inside of us. We love the bride. We’d do anything for her. And we’re trying to balance our money panic with a very real sense of, “It’s worth it.” That’s quite a seesaw, so get your Dramamine ready, because you’re going to be swinging back and forth between the two – money terror and friendly benevolence – until the day you walk down the aisle ahead of her…and maybe for a few months afterward when the credit card bills start rolling in.

What you’ve got here, though, is a handbook of secrets that’s going to cut down on your bridesmaid money terror. Way down. Way, way down. Because you get insider scoop on where to find fabulous bridesmaid’s dresses for a fraction of the national average price. And expert advice on how to throw a stylish shower that only looks expensive, but really costs very little. And…get ready for it….the power to have a say in what you’ll be spending.

Want more? Bridesmaid on a Budget is available now, at,, and more!

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