Win It! Morse Code ‘Love’ Necklace

Time for another giveaway! Say ‘thank you’ to a friend who’s helping you steer clear of wedding stress by giving her this pretty necklace! It’s a lovely, subtle piece from with a Morse Code message of ‘Love:’ takes you to the page where you can see all of Shop First Date’s Morse Code necklace messages, and win the ‘Love’ necklace (retail value $36) by posting your Comment here, telling us about the wonderful things your bridesmaids and maid of honor are doing to support you and make your wedding season even more fabulous!

I’ll pick the winner on 8/31!

And wait…it’s a double-giveaway! I’ll also pick the winner of a signed copy of my new book, Bridesmaid on a Budget!

3 thoughts on “Win It! Morse Code ‘Love’ Necklace

  1. My MOH is my mom bc she is my best friend! It’s just the two of us, so although we’re working on a small budget, we’ve been having a great time planning, and I’d love to give her a little present to say thank you!


  2. My best friend is so amazing and supportive. On top of planning an amazing bachlorette party and shower, she is always available for me. She listens when I need someone to talk to, or freak out about any wedding related (or non-wedding related for that matter) issues. And although I am not very bridezillay…I am kind of crazy bride and read a ton of bridal blogs. My maid of honor reads all the zillions of emails I send her, with links to different pics, and ideas, and other people’s weddings that inspire me. Never once has she complained or called me crazy, and she always responds thoughtfully (and I know she’s really reading them). I can’t tell anyone enough how much I love her and how lucky I am to have her. She is like family to me.


  3. Congratulations to Stephanie, winner of the Morse Code necklace, and to K.H., winner of my book “Bridesmaid on a Budget!”

    So happy to send you these gifts for your ultra-special Mom and best friend!


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