Time for Your Caneel Bay Massage

And now…your Caneel Bay Massage Cabana break.

Calms you down just seeing this, doesn’t it? Whoever chose the Hawksnest Beach site for the massage cabanas should get an award. The view is spectacular, the sounds of the waves gentle and soothing, and the breeze that comes in to make your massage coverup sheet dance at the edges creates the loveliest feeling.

During your everyday life, you put yourself in the hands of so many different people…the person driving carpool, the person brewing your coffee, theweather personon the news. How welcome it is to find yourself in the hands of Caneel Bay’s very capable and sweet massage therapists. It is truly the best massage I’ve ever had, and I imagine that our many brides and grooms visiting for their destination weddings have found their pre-ceremony stress completely evaporated after an hour in the massage cabanas.

Afterwards, walking back to our room, my husband and I noticed the scents of the flowers growing on the trees far more than we did while walking to the cabanas. Every sense was heightened.

What did you love best about the massages you experienced at Caneel Bay? And for those who haven’t yet experienced open-air massages with us, let them know what they can look forward to….

One thought on “Time for Your Caneel Bay Massage

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