Love It! Paloma’s Nest New Ringbearer Bowls

Oh, how I love Paloma’s Nest’s new Ring Bearer Bowls! What a fabulous style element that departs from the same-old ring bearer pillow that’s just going to be stored on the top shelf of your closet…to this wonderful piece that’s definitely going to be put on display in your home. Especially since you can personalize the message on the bowl itself! Paloma’s Nest has knocked it out of the park with this one, and I’m a dazzled fan.

Here’s some info on the Ring Bearer Bowls in general…

Photos courtesy of Paloma's Nest

Paloma’s Nest is home of the original Ring Bearer Bowl™, a small ceramic dish designed to replace the traditional ring bearer pillow in a wedding celebration This beloved piece has quickly become a lasting standard in modern wedding ceremonies around the globe.

Our Ring Bearer Bowl™ has two little holes near the top rim, through which we lace a silky cotton cord to hold your rings for your wedding ceremony. This cord can be easily switched out by you for a ribbon that matches your wedding style, if you wish.

After the ceremony, the cord can be tied into a loop or a bow, and the bowl can hold jewelry, mementos or other treasures. The tiny dish can also be hung by the cord, on the wall next to your wedding photo, in a shadow box frame, or on your holiday tree. This piece is intended to become a family heirloom.

Ring Bearer Bowls are available with our selection of original texts, or with the Custom words of your choice. Names, dates, and meaningful phrases are sure to make this piece one that is passed on for generations.

Here’s what sent my fanhood through the roof…part of my own wedding ceremony was a traditional Native American reading that ends with ‘may your days together be good and long upon the Earth.’ I absolutely love that reading, and I’m thrilled to find that Paloma’s Nest now has a Ring Bearer Bowl bearing that part of the proverb! I may just order it to have on my nightstand!

Introducing the Leaf-shaped Ring Bearer Bowl™ , a special Limited Edition design of 200 pieces. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted of fine white clay and handstamped with the words:
MAY YOUR DAYS TOGETHER BE GOOD AND LONG UPON THE EARTH (a Native American Proverb). As a special touch, included are two smaller leaves, attached with the silky cotton cord; one leaf is stamped with your wedding year (2012, other years available upon request).
Measures approximately 5” inches across…every piece is hand cut and formed and thus will have a slightly different shape.



Paloma’s Nest has so many pretty Ring Bearer Bowl options, including silver or gold edging, the ability to write your own custom wording, and more…so check them out now for your wedding ceremony plans…or if you’re already married, this would be a spectacular anniversary present to your spouse, or just a fab little decor item that will remind you of your Big Day every day!

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