Oreo Cookies Celebrates 100 Years, So Bring Oreos to Your Wedding!

It’s Oreo’s 100th birthday this year! Did you know that the very first Oreo cookie was sold in Hoboken? We’re proud to call this fabulous black and white cookie classic our own, here in New Jersey, and to celebrate its 100th birthday, I thought about the different ways that the Oreo can be used in your wedding and pre-wedding parties plans.

You know that I love Li-Lac Chocolates’ chocolate-covered Oreos:

Photo courtesy of Li-Lac Chocolates

And I just saw this on Pinterest, from It’s a Bride’s Life:

The fabulous folks at Kraft Foods just sent me a fabulous collection of fun and festive Oreo cookie recipes, and I picked this one out as my favorite:

Mini OREO Birthday “Cakes”

Prep Time: 30 min. plus refrigerating | Makes: 12 servings.

What You Need
1 can (16 oz.) ready-to-spread white frosting, divided
24 OREO Cookies
1/4 cup multi-colored sprinkles
Make It
Place wire   rack over sheet of parchment paper. Measure 1/2 cup frosting; spoon 1/4 tsp.   onto top of each of 12 cookies. Cover with remaining cookies; press together   gently to secure. Spread sides and tops of cookie stacks with remaining   frosting (from 1/2 cup measure). Place on rack.
Spoon remaining   frosting (from can) into microwaveable bowl. Microwave on HIGH 30 sec.; stir.   Cool 2 min. Spoon 1/2 Tbsp. frosting over top of each cookie stack; repeat.   Continue to spoon frosting over cookies until all frosting is used.
Top with   sprinkles. Refrigerate 1 hour or until frosting is firm.

Next up: Oreos on a Stick

Prep Time: 15 min. plus refrigerating | Makes: 12 servings.

What You Need
12 OREO Cookies
1 pkg. (6 squares) BAKER’S White Chocolate, melted
1 tsp. canola oil
1/4 cup multi-colored or chocolate sprinkles
Make It
Insert wooden   pop stick into filling in center of each cookie; place on waxed paper-covered   rimmed baking sheet. Freeze 10 min.
Mix melted   chocolate and oil until blended. Dip cookies, 1 at a time, in chocolate   mixture, turning to evenly coat both sides of each. Return to baking sheet.   Top with sprinkles.
Refrigerate 30   min. or until chocolate coating is firm.

Special Extra:
Decorate cookies using sprinkles in the colors of your favorite sports team.

For variety, dip only 1 side of some of the cookie pops in melted chocolate before coating with sprinkles.

What are your favorite ways to use Oreos as fun desserts? Chocolate-dipped? As favors? In guest welcome bags? As dessert toppers? Set on top of a chocolate milk shot at the end of your wedding?

Share your ideas with us her! And visit www.sharonnaylor.net for more info on my giveaways and freebies!


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