8 Things I LOVED in the Claire Pettibone Collection at Bridal Market’s Wedding Gown Runway Show


Last week, New Jersey Bride editor Molly Tully and I found ourselves sitting right up front at the magical Claire Pettibone runway show during New York Bridal Week. The runway was covered with romantic pink rose petals and the stage was set with gorgeous goddess-themed artwork. There was an air of expectation, greetings among wedding industry glitterati (including Randy Fenoli) and hundreds of cameras awaiting the appearance of the first model.

The show was, in a word, ethereal. And here are my top 8 picks for the best Claire Pettibone wedding gown details:

  1. Long, illusion netting sleeves with delicate lace detailing, especially at the neck and at the wrists.


2. Colored lace detailing on the back, in romantic pink and green, adding a soft touch of color in a subtle feminine pattern. 010

3. Open back with a criss-cross of artistic lace straps, with a single, short dangling length of the same lace. (What a look when you’re walking down the aisle!) The back details coordinate with the romantic lace pattern throughout the dress. 018

4. Heart-shaped effect of an open back with an intricate lace ‘T’ portrait effect, with the perfect almost-off-the-shoulder lace straps. 023

5. Lengths of pearls draping over an open back, the perfect eye-catching accompaniment to the simple elegance of the fabric draping over the hips. 024

6. Ultra-fine lace in a cowl-style draped back, with a florette at the hip. 026

7. Illusion netting and floral lace, with florettes at the shoulder blades and just over the small of the back, and just a few touches of sparkle within the detailing. 031

8. Lace back with long, elegant fabric streamers from the shoulders, catching the air and dancing with each step, truly a goddess look. 037

And here is the lovely Claire Pettibone accepting the well-deserved applause of her guests at the close of her show. 045

To see these and more of Claire’s designs, as well as her accessories, visit http://www.clairepettibone.com.

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