Fab Find! Loaded Questions Party Game

I LOVE these games! They’re instant fun for your wedding and bridal shower guests, when you place a few of these cards at each table…and imagine how much fun your guests staying at the hotel will have when they break out these game cards or the travel-sized game sets during ‘down time’ in the weekend, with other friends and family visiting their room for mingling, cocktails and room service snacks. An at-home after-party can turn into a game night as well.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, send your guests a travel-sized game, or a collection of cards from your extra board game that you’ve gotten (in addition to the game you’ll keep for yourselves!) so the long ride to your destination is filled with a fun activity. Guests sometimes carpool these days, so a few rounds with these cards will get you all playing along and laughing as the trip progresses.

Check out the website for Family & Party Games, and see their Adult version of this game, as well as their other games, and follow them on Twitter at @FamPartyGames!

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