Fab Find! Blee Inara Alphabet Necklaces and Bracelets for Bridesmaids

blee inara big image

I’m wearing my Blee Inara monogram necklace right now, and it’s my pick this week for my Fab Find bridesmaid’s gift — and Moms and flowergirls love them, too! Weddings are all about personalization, and so are bridesmaids’ gifts, and this pretty initial piece on a chain, cord or suede is a gift your bridesmaids will definitely love and use all the time! Take a look through the Blee Inara site, and you’ll find a fabulous collection of stylish jewelry pieces that’ll get you shopping for yourself as well. And I love this comment from a bride-to-be that I spoke to at a big bridal industry event, who saw me wearing my ‘S’ necklace: “That would be such a terrific gift for my groom’s young daughters! We’re planning to include them in our ceremony, take vows with them, and give them little jewelry gifts of their own after we exchange our rings…and these necklaces would be perfect!” How sweet is that?

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