Wedding Flower Pick: Anemones

anemones weddngs by lilly come

Anemones are such a stunning flower for weddings! They’re not something you see every day, and the dramatic size, color contrast, elegant dark center and creamy petals add up to a sensational pick for wedding bouquets and arrangements — either mixed in with other blooms, or as shown above in this bouquet by, used all on their own for a gorgeous look.

I’m also finding anemones used more often as wedding cake accents…just two or three artistically-placed on the different cake tiers to create a fabulous effect for a super-low price. If you think it takes a ton of time to make sugar-paste anemones, think again. Bakers say these are among the easier sugar-paste flowers to make, and that big flowers are easier and more cost-effective to make than tons of tiny sugar paste blooms.

So get to know your anemones using this great chart by, which I have on my Pinterest board:

anemones chart flirty fleurs

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