Weddings and Parties: Give The Mashed Potato Bar a Makeover With Omaha Steaks

omaha  hash browns

The mashed potato bar at weddings has become a Don’t…it’s too predictable, too done-that, too boring. As much as wedding guests enjoyed the novelty of fixing their own mashed potato ‘sundae’ in a martini glass, it became too much of a fad. But since potatoes are such a budget-friendly option for wedding menus — as well as engagement parties, bridal showers, co-ed bridal showers, and after-parties — I thought I’d give the old mashed potato bar a twist with these fabulous potato-chic bites from Omaha Steaks.

Take the Cheddar Cheese Hash Browns shown above — how great would those be as a late-night snack at the reception, or as a station at the cocktail party, a budget-friendly station at the engagement party. Since so many co-ed bridal showers are of the barbecue style, these crispy, yummy hash browns would be fabulous as an unexpected side.

omaha chipotle sweet potato fries

Add some spice with Omaha Steaks Chipotle Sweet Potato Fries , which can be hand-passed as an appetizer, always served right out of the oven, crispy and hot.

omaha potatoes au gratin

Potatoes Au Gratin add a formal flair to hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, and since they’re so big and full, I’d serve them plated individually on their own station at an engagement party.

omaha risotta cakes

Omaha Steaks Pepper Jack Risotto Cakes add some uniqueness to the party, since everyone’s getting tired of those rice balls served at weddings. With the added pepper jack flair, these big balls of flavor can populate a potato station, and may also be paired with another of the potato-ey goodness items on this list. A full potato variety bar is always an option, so guests can choose their level of heat, their crunchy faves, and maybe a bite to share with a date.

omaha roasted mashed potatoes

Omaha Steaks Garlic Mashed Potatoes can keep it old-style, in this pretty presentation from which guests can scoop their own servings.

omaha smashed red potatoes

As a twist on the classic garlic mashed potatoes, how about smashed red potatoes, Omaha Steaks’ newest potato dish?

omaha stuffed potatoes

And then there’s the Omaha Steaks Stuffed Baked Potato, which can be a side at an engagement party, the centerpiece of your potato bar, a barbecue treat, and especially a scrumptious dish for the late-night hours of the wedding, when things are winding down and guests are extra-hungry.

Presentation is key, so for these potato dishes, offer a few different serving styles, like hand-passed, set-out silver platters, fun baskets of fries, stations with serving scoops for those classic mashies, and be sure to set out identification cards so that guests know exactly what they’re getting into.

Your twist on the mashed potato bar will be a hit with your guests, and a smart way to fill up your menu with your budget still intact. If you are planning to serve Omaha Steaks at your wedding or on a bigger scale than an at-home party, ask for gift cards to the company for your birthday present, grad gifts, or other present-getting occasions, so that you can get even more on your menu.

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