Fab Find! Zippo Stainless Steel Metal Wallet for Groomsmen’s Gifts!

zippoWalletStampzippo2zippo 3

Groomsmen’s gifts just took a big step beyond being simply sleek and shiny [think money clips, flasks and engraved silver plaques on beer mugs] and really got useful, with the The Zippo Stainless Steel Metal Wallet that fits the bill for this year’s super-hot trend of metallic and protects credit card account numbers and other identity theft targets.

Here’s how: The Zippo stainless steel wallet features a high quality stainless steel outer shell that protects against RF theft. What’s RF theft, you ask? It’s when a signal is sent from the Radio Frequency ID chip, reading and stealing your credit card and debit card details. News reports say the bad guys out there can just direct some beam at your wallet and steal your numbers! But they won’t get ‘em with this Zippo Stainless Steel Metal Wallet. Identity theft blocked!

I love this for its usefulness, and also because it ties into the history of groomsmen themselves. Back in ancient days, sword-wielding groomsmen flanked the groom, ready to defend him against invading bad guys, and ready to help the groom prevent those marauders from stealing his bride. Groomsmen were a layer of protection between the bride and groom and those who sought to do them harm. So there’s the tie-in. Which is one of the great things about the Zippo Metal Wallet. You’re looking out for the guys now.

Here are some details about the sleek, chic Zippo Stainless Steel Metal Wallet:

Again, that stainless steel outer shell blocks those RF theft attempts, and the wallet also features a flexible polymer body, six credit card holder slots, an ID window, and a money pocket. The wallet is 4 ½” long, 3″ wide, and 1 cm thick. The flexible polymer body makes this wallet lightweight, comfortable to carry, easy to open, and easy to use, there’s a good amount of storage space for cash and credit cards, it’s tough and durable, and groomsmen of any age get to upgrade to this fab wallet from their outdated former wallets. Some of those guys might still have Velcro-fasten wallets, so let’s get them styled up!

The wallet sells for $49.99 on Zippo.com or can be purchased and engraved through their partners at Thingsremembered.com for $50.00.

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