Brides, Start Your Jewelry Collection Now

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Photo courtesy of Dune Jewelry

Your wedding is the perfect time to start a jewelry collection that you’ll build upon all through your marriage.

While some women collect beads for a charm bracelet, with each bead telling a different story, think about collecting Dune Jewelry Sandbead bracelets. Look at how amazing the collection looks in the photo above. Each of those bracelets features a sandbead, or two or three, containing sand from a favorite beach, a place of great memories and importance. It could be the beach where you got engaged, or married, or honeymooned, or the beach at your lakehouse, beach house, or favorite family vacation spot. From the big anniversary trip you took together. From the country of your origin.

Your Dune Jewelry Sandbead Bracelet collection is you.

Now’s the time to start…visit Dune Jewelry to see if they have your beach’s sand in their sandbank already, and you can also send them the sand you’d like for your custom piece.


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