Wedding Symbolism: The Finch Brings Happiness, Joy, Health and a Fun Celebration to your Big Day




Weddings are full of symbolism, bringing good luck and all kinds of wonderful, positive things to a marriage. So it’s no wonder that brides choose hummingbirds, dolphins, dragonflies and all kinds of lovely symbolic motifs into their wedding invitation designs, their wedding décor, their bridal showers, and even their personal wedding websites. Each of these symbolic animals – also known as ‘totems’ in some cultures – add a touch of good luck to the couple’s happily ever after.

Right now, birds are a top trend in wedding motifs, and I’ve chosen for this new Wedding Symbolism post a pretty, bright little bird: The Finch. Here are the symbolic meanings of the Finch:

  • Appreciation
  • Diversity
  • Enjoying the Journey
  • Happiness
  • Healthful Diet
  • High Energy
  • Honoring Resources
  • Joy
  • Simplicity
  • Variety

Legend has it that finches symbolize ‘bright times ahead’ or ‘bright days on the horizon,’ which couldn’t be more perfect for a wedding.

Native American culture holds the finch as a bird of happiness, since they’re so brightly-colored, and their flight patterns are joyful, ebullient, a bouncy, joyful pattern of bobbing through the air in complete delight. As a symbol for your marriage, think ‘We won’t always go from Point A to Point B in our marriage, but we’re going to make the journey a fun, playful one.’ The lesson of the finch is this: enjoy the journey!

Native American symbolism also calls the finch a harbinger of upcoming celebration, which again fits so perfectly with a save the date card or wedding invitation – a great celebration is on the way! And looking ahead at your many years of happy marriage, even more upcoming celebrations are ahead of you. So says the finch.

Getting a little deeper, animal symbolism also calls the finch’s birdsong to be an invitation to listen to your own song, and to sing it out loud. Don’t hide your brilliance from the world.

If you’re confused about the healthful diet symbolism of the finch, here’s where it comes from: a finch’s bright color comes from the food that it eats. The healthier its diet, the more vibrant it is. So that old adage ‘You are what you eat’ is reflected in the finch, as a lesson to make healthy living a top priority in your future together, so that both of you can be bright, happy, energetic, radiant and at your best.

Since finches are known to nest in a variety of places, the symbolism for the finch is ‘make a happy home,’ or ‘thrive where you are,’ or ‘appreciate where you are in life, and make your place your own.’

Finches brighten the day of anyone who sees them, and since they’re not a rare bird, they’re pretty much visible everywhere, and very often. So show up and make someone’s day even brighter…which you and your groom will definitely do on your wedding day!


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Fab Find! Essie’s Winter Nail Polish Collection

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History and Luxury at Ellis Island Weddings!

ellis island cabanas


ellis island purple and blue


ellis dance party


ellis island clubby scene

Ellis Island is one of the most revered historic locations in the country, and it’s also home to some of the most gorgeous luxury weddings — with a champagne arrival for your guests after a ferry ride gliding them past the NYC skyline, a cocktail party on the grounds of the island (which you get all to yourself, by the way!) an amazing ballroom transformed with spectacular lighting effects and even Broadway performers making your reception unforgettable. Some of the top celebrity planners and best-known NYC wedding designers have created events here, and the night caps off with fireworks over the Statue of Liberty.

Check out Ellis Island Weddings here:

Shutterstock’s Report on the Top Trends — ‘Vintage’ is the Top-Trend Keyword!

Shutterstock's Global Design Trends Infographic 2013

Thanks to Shutterstock for putting together this amazing infographic! Visit  to find the images you need, wedding pros. They have phenomenal, jaw-dropping photos, vectors and videos!

Fab Find! Dune Jewelry Design Creates Jewelry From Your Wedding or Honeymoon Beach!

dune jewelry

I love this company, especially because they have sand from my own honeymoon beach,!

Here is a piece they just posted to their Facebook page today, perfect for your pink sand beach wedding!

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Company Overview

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Wedding Guest Dress Pick: Ann Taylor Trendy Peplum Dresses

ann taylor peplum dress 1

Choosing the best wedding dress as a wedding guest can be a challenge with all of those wedding dress code terms, like ‘outdoor chic’ and ‘beach stylish,’ even ‘semi-formal afternoon’ or no dress code mentioned at all but simply the time of the wedding — leaving you wondering what to wear. I’ve found a super-stylish collection of perfect wedding guest dresses that fit into just about every wedding dress code except for the most ultra-formal. And since I love Ann Taylor so much, choosing Ann Taylor dresses for my own bridesmaids, it’s not a surprise to me that they’d have such fantastic dress choices for your wedding dress-ups. I’d get them in every color, and you’re set for every spring, summer, fall and winter wedding this year! Add in discounts and Ann Taylor’s own fantastic sales and frequent shopper discounts, plus money back, and this trio of dresses becomes ultra-affordable!

Here’s what I found:

Ann Taylor Asymmetrical Peplum Dresses

Intricate pintucked detail and an asymmetrical hem takes this have-to-have from sophisticated to simply stunning. Jewel neck. Sleeveless. Asymmetric peplum at waist. Lined bodice; unlined sleeves. 20″ from natural waist.

In Bright Jadeite, seen above, and here is the back view:

ann taylor peplum asymmetrical dress back

Or in Black

ann taylor peplum black

And then there’s the Ann Taylor Peplum Sheath Dress without the whole asymmetrical cut, which evokes more of a ‘flowery’ image. Here it is in In Alpine Sky:

ann taylor peplum dress sheath 1

ann taylor peplum sheath dress back

Vibrant and confident, this curve-defining style flaunts a runway worthy peplum silhouette that pairs perfectly with sky-high heels for the look of the season. Jewel neck. Sleeveless. Scoop back. Hidden back zipper with hook and eye closure. Lined bodice; unlined skirt. 21 1/2″ from natural waist.

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