Why Stop Taking Fabulous Photos of Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Rings?

Who says that taking styled photos of your engagement ring and wedding rings only happens at your wedding? This adorable image got me thinking: if our wedding photographers can place our rings inside roses — and inside this cupcake! — for Big Day ring close-up photos, so can we on any day! We love our rings even more over time, so styling fresh and fun photos like this one should be a Thing. Especially on anniversaries.

I hope you’re inspired to slide off your rings — carefully, of course! Not near a sink! — and snap some Insta-worthy images of your sparklers!


Newlyweds, Plan for a 5-Year Photoshoot with a Professional Photographer!

Photo by Rich Penrose, www.deanmichaelsstudio.com

Photo by Rich Penrose, http://www.deanmichaelsstudio.com

I can hardly believe it’s been 5 years since Joe and I got married, and as I’m preparing for our anniversary celebration, I’m thinking we should book a 5 Year Photoshoot with our professional photographer! We have gorgeous photos from our wedding day, and we have more than a few framed in our home…and as I’m looking at tons of Pinterest engagement portrait photos, I’m thinking, “We should definitely have that experience!” The beautiful location, the setting sun, the way professional photographers capture the light and snap those priceless moments out of regular things like a kiss or laughing together. There’s true artistry in professional photographers’ work, and couples who get engagement portraits love those chic and stylish photos as much as their own wedding day photos.

Many pro photographers offer 1 year anniversary photo sessions as part of their package, which is brilliant. That first year of marriage is blissfully romantic and exciting, with lots of firsts and new beginnings. A 1-year photoshoot is free of wedding nerves, and turns into a pretty splendid day!

After 5 years, you’ve been through some stuff. Your new house had some pipes break under your entire first floor (that happened to us,) illness might have happened (I had radiation for an early stage breast cancer,) parents may have passed away (I miss my Dad!) And great stuff happens, too, like hearing the garage door open and getting as excited as a puppy that your husband is home, spending holidays with family and watching your spouse grow close to your cousins, milestone birthdays call for parties, vacations get romantic, adventures abound, and there are lots of flowers and new Louboutins (thanks, honey!) Five years should be celebrated!

So let’s make the Five Year Photoshoot a Thing, so that newlyweds — and you’re still considered newlyweds at five years! — can style a whole new, dreamy photoshoot, dress up, and capture that gorgeous look of love that’s grown only stronger over the years, through everything, the good, the bad, the richer, the poorer, the sickness, the health, the forsaking all others, the new, the old, the borrowed…

We’ve got the photographer in mind, and a 5 Year Photoshoot is definitely on the horizon, along with many, many more years of married bliss.

A cute 5 Year Photoshoot idea! CaneelBay.com

A cute 5 Year Photoshoot idea! CaneelBay.com

Or THIS! Photo courtesy of CaneelBay.com

Or THIS! Photo courtesy of CaneelBay.com